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The de Paul School


The de Paul School is a 1 – 8 grade school for students struggling to learn in a conventional classroom. Students attending The de Paul School are of average to above average intellect, but are not reaching their full potential due to processing deficits. A formal diagnosis is not required, but many students who succeed at The de Paul School have diagnoses such as ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Sensory Integration Disorder and Nonverbal Language Disabilities. Through our multisensory approach, we provide a full curriculum specific to our students’ strengths and needs. Our school is fully accredited through NAIS and ISACS. We teach our students how to learn, how to be successful and how to be independent as they transition to a variety of area high schools.

Admissions Office
The dePaul School
1925 Duker Ave.
Louisville, KY 40205


TEL: (502) 459.6131