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Meredith-Dunn School


Mission Statement:

The mission of Meredith-Dunn School is to provide prescriptive instruction in a nurturing environment designed to empower students who learn differently in becoming accomplished learners and resilient individuals.

The Meredith-Dunn School community embraces a child-centered philosophy that recognizes the learning potential of each of our students. We value each student as an individual with a unique pattern of strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. We strive to offer our students a very typical elementary and middle school experience while providing personalized instruction.

Commitment to our mission is reflected through our values.

The Meredith-Dunn School community values:
Development of the whole child supporting academic, social and emotional growth
Art, Music, PE, Technology and Social Skills classes to develop the entire child
Laptop computers for Grades 7 & 8, personal word processors for Grades 4-6
In-school drama curriculum
Extracurricular sports and organizations
Empowerment of students in learning how to learn, how to problem solve, and how to think critically
Collaborative partnering with families and other professionals where the expertise of all stakeholders is respected
A culture which holds the dignity of each individual in highest regard

Admissions Office
Meredith-Dunn School
3023 Melbourne Ave.
Louisville, KY 40220

Head of School – Kathy Beam,
Admissions – Cindy Bunnell,

TEL: (502) 456.5819